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Best Things to Do and Amazing Places to Stay in the ever-evolving city of Chicago

If you are planning your next vacation to Chicago then you will never run out of fun and interesting things to do. The city has a lot to offer from trekking in the local parks, exploring the historic museums, gorging up on some delectable and mouthwatering food options and taking the famous Chicago Pizza Tour. The city also offers some pleasant, plush and lush places to stay including 5-star hotels and Chicago Penthouses.

Things to Do

Explore the Museum of Contemporary Art

The city’s museum is renowned for hosting exhibitions and extravagant art, fashion, music and photography installations. Some of the famous exhibits include David Bowie Is and Virgil Abloh. The museum also hosts conferences and interactions between world-renowned artists and writers.

Take the Authentic and Native Chicago Pizza Tour

I mean who hasn’t heard of the famous Chicago Pizza and now is the time to learn some quirky facts about it too. This tour is fun, informative, interesting and gives you insight on the export details of the most famous food item. You can also take this tour a notch higher by upgrading the tour and you can be royally escorted in a limousine and gobble up on the delectable and flavoursome pizza that will be delivered at your doorstep.

The Majestic Marvel Millennium Park

This structure is situated in downtown Chicago and lies in the heart of the city, it is a part of the large Grant Park. One of the famous architectural marvels at the Millennium Park is the Crown Fountain, you can also enjoy some amazing live performances at Pritzker Pavilion. It is located near to many famous and best dining options in Chicago like Remington’s, Park Grill, Cherry Circle Room, and Rudy’s Bar and Grill to name a few.

Places to Stay in Chicago

No vacation is complete if you do not have a cozy, warm and comfortable place to crash after a day-long trip of exploring the city. If you are looking for a place to stay in the center of the city, closer to all the important and essential locations then the Chicago Penthouse at Grand Plaza, is surely the one for you. This amazing property sits right in the heart of Chicago and gives you a breathtaking view of the city.

Another great Chicago Penthouse is The Viceroy, providing you comfort and luxury all in one place with an open deck to enjoy the city lights after an excursion accompanied by some of the exquisite refreshments.

If Chicago is only one of the stops on your journey, check out Penthouse apartments in nearby cities New YorkWashington DC or Philadelphia.