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Best Places to Stay and Interesting Things to Do in the Glamorous City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city that never runs out of options to surprise you and has to offer innumerable exciting things to do from enjoying the view of the majestic hills to relaxing on the golden sand beaches, experiencing the ultra-glam Hollywood attractions, and reliving your childhood in the ever exciting and amazing Disneyland. Los Angeles is every traveler’s dream destination and has rightfully earned the status. You surely cannot sum up the city attractions in words; you need to experience it for yourself.

Things to Do

Hike up the Griffith Park

Griffith Park lies to the south of the famous Hollywood mountain and gives you a sense of calm and serenity. You can hike along the trail of the park and bask in the spectacular sunset, the trail is surrounded by edges and cliffs and also has an amazing Planetarium, and also hosts informative exhibitions for its visitors. The park is a must-visit tourist spot to experience a different side of Los Angeles.

Experience the Movie Magic at The Hollywood Walk of Fame and Universal Studios

The Hollywood Walk of Fame takes you back into the golden era of movies and its magic with the iconic TCL Chinese Theater. You can always book a tour online and let the movie buff in you enjoy to its heart content.  Universal Studios is one of the most visited tourist spots in LA, with the most famous Wizarding World of Harry Potter and one of a kind Jurassic Park Ride.

Experience the Quirky Side of LA in Venice

If you want to experience the fun, eccentric, and outlandish side of Los Angeles, then make sure to visit Venice. The Venice Beach Boardwalk is filled with tourists, locals and is lined with cannabis shops, tattoo parlors, and numerous talented street performers filling up the ambiance with fun, music, and vibrancy. The place also has some of the most amazing and best dining options in LA.

Places to Stay in Los Angeles

No trip is complete without having a comfortable and cozy place to crash, relax and shed away all your travel blues. One of the best Los Angeles Penthouse is the Glass Box, situated in the Hollywood Hills this penthouse provides you with a spectacular view of Griffith Park and the ever sparkling city lights. Another Los Angeles Penthouse which is famous among tourists is the Emerald Throne, which is equipped with high-end facilities and also does not poke a hole in your pockets.

If LA is only one of the stops on your journey, check out Penthouse apartments in nearby cities Phoenix, Las Vegas or San Francisco.