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Experience the amalgamation of Culture and Innovation at Palo Alto

Palo Alto is situated at the Southern side of San Francisco and has the most innovative and is a home for the world-renowned Silicon Valley situated at its core. Apart from the flourishing technology, Palo Alto is also famous for its cultural attractions, and stunning views of the Baylands Nature Preserve. If you are a nerd at heart then this place can be your heaven on Earth. You can visit the Stanford University campus, explore the farmers market, go on a hiking and biking trail and enjoy some delicious food in the nearby restaurants.

Things to Do

Visit the Scenic Baylands Natural Preserve

The Natural Preserve is situated towards the East side of Palo Alto and is spread wide across an area of more than 1800 acres of land of salt marshes. You can easily walk or pedal along the way to enjoy the quaint and pristine surroundings. The Baylands also is a home for a lot of pheasants, hummingbirds and pelicans, so it is a must-visit for bird watchers.

Explore the World Renowned Stanford University

Stanford University is world-renowned for providing students of high caliber with an amazing platform and environment. The University was constructed in the year 1891 in Palo Alto.  The campus is beautifully designed and has some of the most exquisite architectures like the Hoover tower that gives you a clear view of the campus, the Main Quad is another architectural marvel displaying the majestic and lush Santa Cruz Mountains.

Satiate your Taste Buds at the Bird Dog

Bird Dog is one of the best dining options in Palo Alto and is famous among tourists as well as locals. The place is run by Chef Robbie Wilson; the place provides a warm and fun ambience with the dining room always swarmed up with visitors. If you’re ever visiting this place then you must try the Spiced Rotis and Grilled Avocado.

Places to Stay in Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a place where you will find peace and solace and what better place to enjoy it than in your comfortable stay. Palo Alto Penthouse gives you the warmth and comfort that you deserve after enjoying a day out in the city. Forest 430, Palo Alto Penthouse gives you a one of a kind experience that is combined with luxury and comfort and the location is just in the heart of the city.

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