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Best Places To Stay and Exciting Things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its vibrancy, food and rich cultural heritage. The city has numerous options for tourists to explore. The city is lined up with amazing restaurants and bars for you to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the famous landmarks of the city and you can only marvel at the spectacular architecture of the structure. San Francisco is also the commercial hub of Northern California.

Things to Do

Visit the Spectacular Golden Gate Bridge

This magnificent structure is situated between the Marin County and San Francisco Bay. The bridge is one of the world-renowned structures and was the longest suspension bridge. The bridge is also coveted with the title as the most photographed bridge in the world and has been an attraction for tourists throughout the year.

Get Closer to The Chinese Culture in Chinatown

San Francisco has one of the largest Chinatown outside of any Asian country and is one of the most favourite tourist spots. The place provides some of the most authentic and best Chinese cuisine in San Francisco and you can also find several shops selling Chinese herbs and teas. Make sure to visit this place and carry some quirky souvenirs.

Enjoy The View From The World Famous Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks are one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city and offer a breathtaking view of San Francisco. The peaks lie adjacent to one another and have numerous plants and animals in the nearby area. It also provides a perfect hiking trail to enjoy the stunning view of the sunrise or sunset.

Places to Stay in San Francisco

San Francisco provides some of the great options for your comfortable and luxurious stay. If you are on the lookout for a lush, opulent and cozy place to relax during your vacation then San Francisco Penthouse is surely the best option for you. Some amazing San Francisco Penthouse are Myrtle Beach Rentals, Pacific Bay Vistas, and Serenity at Larkspur to name a few.

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